Audio tape to CD

Enjoy listening to your favourite music again

Audio cassette tapes have become an obsolete format and many cassette decks are no longer working. You may not have been able to listen to your cassette tapes, for many years.

The tapes can also deteriorate from humidity, heat and magnetic fields.

We can bring your audio cassette tapes back to life. You get the convenience of being able to play your music, comedy or special memories on CD, in the comfort of your home, or while driving in your car.

We can also convert your audio to MP3, or other audio file formats (WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC), so you can listen to your favourite songs on an iPod or upload them to iTunes.

The CDs can play on all CD players and computer CD drives.

Our high-end tape decks ensure that the audio transfers are of the highest quality.

To give you the best listening experience, we can customise your transfers in various ways including: removing unwanted tracks, splitting the audio (so you can skip tracks with your remote control), printing the title on the disc and the track list on the CD case.

We can also transfer audio from micro cassette tapes (used in Dictaphones, interviewing and telephone answering machines) to CD and other audio file formats.