Vinyl Record to CD

You can now play your music anywhere

In our opinion, nothing beats the sound quality of vinyl records. So, if you have a vinyl collection, we would always recommend buying a decent turntable, amplifier and speakers.

If a turntable is not feasible, you lack the space to store vinyl records, or you wish to play your favourite music on your iPod or CD player in your car, then we can help.

You may not have heard your music collection in years. By transferring your vinyl to a format that you can play, means that you can once again enjoy listening to your favourite music.

We transfer 12 inch LPs, 12 inch singles and 7 inch singles.

We can convert your vinyl records to CD, MP3, or other audio file formats (WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AAC).

Our CDs can play on all CD players and computer CD drives.

To transfer your records, we play them on a high-end record deck fitted with a quality tonearm, cartridge and stylus. This ensures you get the best quality transfers.

The audio is recorded on to high-grade CDs.

To give you the ideal listening experience, we offer customised options that include: removing unwanted tracks, separating individual songs (so you can skip tracks with your remote control), the record title and artist printed on the CD and a track listing on the CD cover.